Tuesday, June 7, 2011

He Who Has Not Yet Been Named Gets a Name

Big news! Pup Pup gets his name ... but first, here is a picture of a very tired Pup Pup. This can't possibly be comfortable.
 Zzzzzzzz ...

Later, Pup Pup worked his way underneath our bed to snuggle in close with Benny.

Night night ... sleep tight.

Oh! I almost forgot ... his name. We've decided to call him Nickel. He is our fifth golden retriever and we can play with his name as we love to do. I am imagining Nicholas, Nick, Nik Nik etc. We love that his name will remind us of golden retriever #3, Niki, who truly was a golden angel. Those are large shoes to fill and our hearts are full of hope for Nickel.

And perhaps best of all, when he is incorrigible, we can say he isn't worth a plug nickel.

Thanks to my sister Karen for the correct expression!

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