Friday, December 21, 2012

The Nagging Ritual

At our house, play time as well as dinner often begins with a robust nagging ritual. Here, Nickel has gotten bored and would very much like someone ... anyone ... to take him outside and throw his kong toy so he can run like the wind and retrieve it ... over and over and over and over. Is there any chance Harry can be convinced?

Please ... I'm BEGGING you!

But there's always time for a good scratch! Nickel, while a haunt if he doesn't get the exercise he needs, can be very sweet and affectionate. As you can see here, he adores Harry.

Oh that's the spot!
When breakfast or dinner time approaches, Frankie typically takes the lead in proactively reminding Harry ... aka nagging ... that the goldens are absolutely, completely, totally and utterly starving. STARVING! He begins with an adoring stare while sitting beside Harry:

I love you so much ... did I mention I'm a tad hungry?
A few minutes go by ...

I'm definitely hungry now ... can you see me?
 Tick tock tick tock ... a little more in the lap ...

Can you see me NOW?
 A few more minutes pass ...

Now I will get in his lap. He will definitely see me and maybe even hear my tummy growling.

Oh geez ... is he STILL reading?
Trust me when I say that going on daylight savings time is sublime while going off, in a word, sucks.

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  1. Look how big Nickel is! He's a real grown-up now, but I'm glad to see he is still acting like a puppy!


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