Saturday, December 22, 2012

Miles of Thread

I have used lots of white thread this year, driven in part by the modern quilting trend of white or light gray fabrics used in the background of quilts. Last week, I finished up a cone of cotton thread:

Here is the almost empty cone beside a new one so you can see how much thread that is:

A cone of Aurifil 50wt thread is 6452 yards ... well over a mile! Yea!

Have you noticed the new tutorial menu at the top of my blog? I plan to post all four tutorials over the next few days. I started with the "clever coasters" tutorial and will add the remainder throughout the holidays. After picking up several charm packs, I folded and pinned the coasters while watching "Men in Black 3" the other night. The sewing is the fastest part ... it took a couple hours to stitch all of these:

Clever Coasters

Then a couple evenings folding and poking out the corners while watching the finale of "The Voice" and "X Factor" and wa la ... nearly 100 coasters finished! Most of these are gifts for friends and family. I hope you enjoy making them too!

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