Saturday, August 20, 2011

Manufacturers of Solid Fabrics

This list is undoubtedly incomplete; but, it is handy to know which manufacturers produce one or more lines of solid woven fabrics.

  • Robert Kaufman Fabrics:  Pure Organic (21 colors), Kona Cotton solids (over 200 colors), Ultra Sateen (17 colors), Radiance 55% cotton 45% silk (52 colors), Carolina Chambray (7 colors)
  • Northcott:  ColorWorks Premium Solids (over 100 colors)
  • Moda:  Bella Solids (over 125 colors), Cotton Sateen (12 colors)
  • Westminster/Free Spirit:  Designer Solids (100 colors), Shot Cottons (over 60 colors), Amy Butler Decorator Solids (29 colors)
  • P&B Textiles:  Color Spectrum Solids (84 colors)
  • RJR Fabrics:  Cotton Supreme Solids (126 colors), Robyn Pandolph solids (28 colors)
  • Art Gallery Fabrics:  Pure Elements (24 colors)
  • Galaxy:  Lumiere Cotton Sateens (color gradations in a sateen!)
I have been on a tear lately, collecting solid fabrics. I only get 1/2 yard at a time (unless it's green ... or gray ... or orange) and am building up a collection so I can make several "modern" quilts. I have several projects in mind:

  • a quilt with lots of white ... fresh!
  • a quilt of grays and yellows
  • a quilt of grays, greens and oranges ... maybe charcoal too
  • something with mulberry
  • lots of reds
Do you know of any other manufacturers of solid fabrics? Thanks!

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