Monday, August 29, 2011

Dinnertime and Mischief

Puppies, like children, are incredibly flexible. I am so envious ... I never realized nor did I sufficiently appreciate how fluid movement was until it became less so! Here is Nickel, sleeping in his soft crate ... head is north, front paws face south, hind legs face the moon!

Can this be comfortable?

Breakfast and dinner are major events in the lives of a golden so they give their undivided, utterly focused attention during meal prep.

 Harry filling their bowls ... any chance he could miss Nickel?

Unbearable waiting for the magic word ... OK!

Benny's tummy is sensitive due to his chemotherapy meds so we cook part of their food and let them lick the pan afterwards. Nickel will lick the pan long after Benny and Frankie give up, with high aspirations of cleaning every molecule out of the pan.

 Hold that pan still



 Nickel, is that my favorite fleece jacket?

 Jacket? What jacket?

I swear it wasn't me!

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