Sunday, January 19, 2014

Tula Pink BoM First 25 Blocks

I can hardly wait to see next week's installment of modern blocks as well as launch a third class who will begin planning their quilts. Meanwhile, I have an update on our work in progress. Linda D surprised everyone last month! Not only did she bring 20+ beautiful new blocks, she started over with a completely different group of fabrics ... zombies!

Linda D's Modern Blocks

I am in love with that occasional touch of red ...

Zombies ... what fun!

Visually striking fussy cutting

Next up is Sherry W ... her modern blocks feature her collection of Australian prints.

Sherry W's Modern Blocks

What a gorgeous palette ... and those tiny dots add such sparkle to her quilt!

Auditioning a possible background fabric ...

Instead of one large quilt, some are making two smaller quilts with their blocks.

Mallory J's Blocks in Brights
Mallory J's Taupe Blocks

Kathy A's Modern Blocks ... Brights and Desert Southwest Palettes

Next up are several collections of bright and happy quilts in the making.

Carolyn B's Modern Blocks

Pam G's Modern Blocks

Detail of Pam G's Blocks

Karen B's Modern Blocks

Karlee designed an original "pair of diamonds" block for her quilt (bottom right) ... yea!
Karlee S'  Modern Blocks

Kathy S'  Modern Blocks
Charlotte and Heather are working with grays for their modern quilts.

Charlotte W's Modern Blocks

Heather J's Modern Blocks
Lana and Lynn are working with a softer palette. Lana is planning to lay out her quilt so the predominantly yellow blocks form a diagonal across the center of her quilt then blend to pale gray and aqua in the upper left corner and darker teal and charcoal in the bottom right corner ... great idea!

Lana's Modern Blocks

Lynn's Modern Blocks
I hope you enjoy their thoughtful, beautiful work!

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