Monday, April 1, 2013

Sample This! BOM Sections 1, 3 and 5

Each month, we complete one section of the "Sample This!" quilt. April is our 3rd month in the series so today I'm sharing my work in progress thus far. As I selected fabrics for this quilt, I wanted to show that solids, prints and batiks can all be used successfully together as well as create a quilt whose colors feel soft and subtle. We'll see whether it all works! Here is one of 2 parts of section 1:

Section 1b

The triangular sections consist of interlocking friendship stars with 4-patches in the corners in a point setting. Setting triangles are sewn along the left side to complete the rows. Here are both parts of section 1 that will make the top left corner of the quilt.

Section 1a and b

Whenever possible, I use Deb Tucker's rulers and this quilt is no exception. In section 3, we get to use Deb's Spotlight ruler. Section 3 is composed entirely of spotlight units that can be arranged as desired. I chose to arrange 4 spotlight blocks so the center beam triangle spins in a "circle" around a pinwheel. The 4 side triangles in the corners will also form pinwheels with adjacent units.

Four spotlight units

I love Deb's "trim down" approach to patchwork. By working slightly larger then trimming to the size needed, many "easing" headaches are minimized ... each unit is perfect! Section 3, also set on point, will become the bottom right corner of the quilt.

Section 3

In April, we will construct section 5 ... a beautiful star block again made with the Spotlight ruler. It's the exact same unit used in section 3 ... don't you love the myriad designs you can get simply by rearranging simple geometric shapes? Section 5 has two parts made in different color schemes. Here are my two color ways:

Section 5a

Section 5b

My students think this section could be developed into a beautiful quilt ... so ...

Section 5
my homework, due the last week of April, is to come up with a design. I already love the spotlight blocks and am also intrigued with the slim inner sashing framed by the bolder outer sashing. I'm excited to give it a try.

Happy sewing!

PS - I just realized "Firecracker" by Jaybird Quilts is made entirely from the spotlight block ... how cool is that!

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