Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nickel's First Swim

We took Nickel for his first swim on July 1. Frankie came too because he's an expert swimmer/splasher. There were no theatrics. Nickel calmly walked into the shallow end of the lake, kept walking and simply started swimming. What could be easier?

Nickel's very first swim

Frankie is impossible when we go swimming and has been that way from his very first swim. For the most part, Frankie is cooperative and eager to please but not so when he hits the water. He swims well away from shore, then swims and splashes, splashes and swims, bites the splash, swims and splashes ... as long as he wants. No amount of calling, toys or food bribes convince Frankie to leave the water he so adores. 

So, when Nickel actually came when Harry called, he got lots of praise and treats.

 Nickel gets a treat from Harry

 No time to chat ... gotta swim more

You do know there is only one toy, one stick, one treat. And the dog who has it is the envy of all. Frankie is happy to give up the stick to Nickel since he'd rather be swimming anyway.

I want Frankie's stick

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